Easy, Low-maintenance Flooring

                                                              Exterior Surfaces

WARNING: Do not use any finish products such as water-based acrylics or waxes on exterior surfaces. the surface may become a
hazardous slip hazard
.  A clear (solvent based) sealer is applied to exterior stained surfaces to seal in the colors.  We suggest all exterior stained
surfaces be sealed with solvent based sealers. Reapply the sealer as needed when the surface takes on a dull appearance, or; if you notice the color
fading then the sealer needs reapplication.  An additive such as Shark Grip (Sherwin-Williams) is suggested for areas that are exposed to water to avoid

 Interior Acid Stained Concrete Floors.

1. A clear (solvent based) sealer (H & C Clear Concrete Sealer, available at Sherwin-Williams) is applied to protect   the color and to give your floor a
deeper rich look.  It is  recommended that water-based acrylic finish (ZEP Wetlook floor Finish, Step 3, available at Home Depot) be applied over the
solvent-based sealer,  it will give the floor a beautiful, long-lasting shine.
2. Re-finishing will depend on traffic and wear.  It is recommended to apply one or two thin coats of water-based finish once every 3-4 months, for the first
year and as desired after the initial year.
DO NOT apply any type of tape to a sealed or waxed surface.  The acid in the adhesive may lift the sealer off the stain.
DO NOT clean the floor using abrasive cleaners or chemicals that contain mineral spirits such as paint thinners or petroleum products.
5. Normally, fresh water and a mop will be enough to keep the floor clean and looking good.

Lifetime-Design My Concrete guarantees that the engraved pattern will last for the life of the concrete.  Your bricks or tiles cannot individually come loose
or shift because they are engraved into the concrete.
One Year-warranty on all workmanship.
One Year-Stain and Color against fading for one year after the application pursuant to the care and maintenance guidelines above. We also warranty the
Silicone Acrylic Concrete Sealer application against proven defect.  This warranty does not apply to normal wear and tear or failure to protect the surface
against damage from scratching or marring while moving heavy equipment or furniture.
Drainage and puddling-Design My Concrete reserves the right to void any warranty for the reason of improper concrete design which causes water to
puddle.  Puddling water will eventually destroy the sealer and stain the area.  
Concrete Defects-Design My Concrete cannot be held responsible for
defects in the concrete to include, cracks, uneven concrete surfaces, curing compounds, release agents, glues, plumbing primers or any substance which
restricts the chemical reaction of the acid stain.